Private Mentoring Blog May 2018

Wednesday 30 May 2018

Following on from my private mentoring day with Mark and Arran, when we focused on my personal work with Ari,  I spent a great weekend  as a support coach for the Genuine Horse Development Course.   It was an awesome weekend full of very genuine people, genuine horses and genuine development.  It was a great opportunity to be part of the Student of the Horse coaching team once again and a very valuable part of my journey.  For me, being a coach is really no different to being a student, it's a two way learning exchange where listening and observing is key.  This weekend really helped me  to develop my critical eye, to listen and observe and try and improve just one part of the puzzle.  It helped having the course-plan to measure development and stay focused. This month is was the advanced groundwork module where students built on their foundation from last year and added more layers to their work.   

Fabulous week with endless learning. 

Can't wait for the next module. 

Written by Fliss Bell