Private Mentoring Blog May 2018

Wednesday 30 May 2018

The Genuine Horse Development Course

Following on from my private mentoring day with Mark and Arran, when we focused on my personal work with Ari, I spent a great weekend as a support coach for the Genuine Horse Development Course. It was an awesome weekend full of very genuine people, genuine horses and genuine development. It was a great opportunity to be part of the Student of the Horse coaching team once again and a very... (read more)

Are you doing all the talking?

Monday 14 May 2018

Through watching others, sometimes your own difficulties can be overcome.

Over the course of a few schooling sessions, I’ve become increasingly aware of an issue concerning my dialogue with Harper. Having observed Mark and Arran with their own horses, I’ve come to realize that throughout Harper’s training, I’ve been doing most of the talking – and when you always talk, you are unable to listen. Furthermore, what I thought were clear, precise aids, was actually a... (read more)