Why Choose Us

Over the last 15 years Arran, Mark and their team have been supporting Students of the Horse in the collaborative art of genuine horse development from around the world.

Arran and Mark are passionate about coaching students and their horses from early foundations through to the academic art of rebalancing the advanced horse. 

As a genuine horse development company, we will work with you from the ground and on board to understand how your horse learns, through to developing his/her balance and body awareness as well as discerning which equipment supports your work best.

Our goal is to enable you to be the best you can be with your horse.  

Dudmaston Stud has been developed over the years to support the horse first as we realise that happy horses make happy humans.  

For more information or to experience genuine horse development first hand, drop us an email at info@studentofthehorse.co.uk or spectate one of our clinics details of which can be found at www.studentofthehorse.co.uk

Please find below more information of some the services we have to offer:

Private Coaching/ Riding Lessons

At Student of the Horse a ‘riding lesson’ or private coaching session is the chance for you and your horse to work with us on a one to one basis, embedding your knowledge and working through any challenges.

Far from just achieving ‘competency’ and being able to ‘do’ an action consciously, we are looking to take you to ‘mastery’ where you develop ‘feel’ and intuitive reaction; making the shift from conscious competency to unconscious mastery.

This is what sets the great riders apart from the good. It’s that seemingly intangible quality seen in the very best horse people; when horse and rider become one entity.

At Student of the Horse we are here to help. We work alongside you to develop the lines of communication with your horse and help you to work out a strategy to solve your own current and future problems by understanding how your horse absorbs information.

Private coaching allows you to work with us on an individual basis to hone your skills, give you confidence and give you the knowledge and expertise to become a trusted partner for your equine friend to learn from.

Stud Services & Breeding

At Student of the Horse there is always a member of the team permanently on site, combined with a wealth of experience and stallions standing at stud. Dudmaston Stud is an up and coming area of the business.

Already having produced some fine foals in both Haflinger and Andalucian breeds, Dudmaston stud is developing a reputation for expert care and quality.

We have developed a weaning system which almost completely eradicates separation anxiety; a debilitating condition which can last for your horses’ lifetime, with extreme consequences for their health and happiness. Dudmaston Stud believes in the power of giving horses the best chance to be successful, right from the start.

Contact us for further details.


Offering fair and reasonable livery rates (including holiday livery) being a horse owner no longer means you can never go away!
Our knowledgeable team at Student of the Horse are constantly on site to give you the peace of mind that all your horses needs are being attended to while you are not here.
Our services include:-
· Full Livery available with storage for all tack and horse box storage
· Livery also available for clinics/training
· Includes paddock paradise and barefoot management systems in place
· Owners permanently on site
For more information on full, holiday and training livery, please contact us for further information on 07879 472433.

Youngsters & Starting

How balanced, safe and happy your horse becomes as an adult is greatly influenced by their early years’ experience.

Starting with a youngster is a great opportunity, you are able to work with a clean slate, laying the foundations for the lifetime of training to follow; getting things right initially rather than correcting problems. But this is a huge responsibility!

Let us work alongside you to help you and your horse establish your partnership from the beginning.

Investing early in your horse’s life will pay dividends for your future together.

Wen now has many clients who are bringing their third or fourth youngster to start with us because they’ve been so happy with the results long term.

If you are interested give us a call to chat it through.

Things have changed

It happens, you start out with the best of intentions and somewhere along the way life deals you some unforeseen circumstances.

You may be experiencing temporary or long term health problems, there may be physical or mental barriers to you having the same relationship you once did with your horse. You might have had a change in your working or personal life and no longer have the time to take your horse to their full potential.

At Student of the Horse we have a refreshingly flexible approach to horse ownership. We understand the desire to have your horse in your life can be a difficult to give up. We don’t believe in ‘rules’ that say you HAVE to ride or you HAVE to sell. We have several clients who can enjoy the parts of horse ownership that they can manage whilst seeing their horse reach it’s full potential and live a happy and fulfilled life with the extra help of Mark, Arran and the wider Student of the Horse team.

Knowing that your horse is happy, exercised and living a full and enriched life is the responsibility we take on as horse owners. When we cannot fulfil these ourselves (be that for a short or long term) it is reassuring to know, there is another option.

Call us for further details.

Physical or mental blocks

Horse owners who can no longer share the same relationship they once had don’t have to say goodbye to horse ownership.

With our help you can still have a fulfilling and purposeful life together with ground work, lunging and relationship building techniques they can tailor a bespoke solution to your situation; to rebuild your relationship from the ground up, using dressage, liberty and in hand work.

Time & Patience

There is no short cut, no quick fix to gaining experience.

You can’t teach it but time is the answer to helping your horse manage in various situations.

You can get them from a place of ‘tolerance’ to ‘acceptance’. But so few people are prepared to spend the necessary time it takes to get there and then can’t understand why their horse is still difficult to manage.

At SOTH taking an hour before the foot trimmer arrives to fully prepare a horse for what is going to be expected of them is an essential part of making this a safe and stress free experience; giving long term results. Equally getting your horse to the stage where they can be ridden safely without a bridle and still know their ‘job’ takes time and experience. When working with SOTH you are accessing our years of trainer experience and patience to help you reach your goals.

Problem Solving

At SOTH the goal is to ‘self educate to educate horse’, there is no ‘quick fix’ but a solid foundation is built – it’s going to take work on both sides but the work will be lasting and effective. If you are having issues from bad attitude to biting and want to get to the bottom of the problem, not just fix the ‘symptoms’ get in touch.


3 year old Breed Standard Grading preparation available for Mares & Stallions